September 28, 2007

Best Viewed In Anything But IE

I love having the domain; it's simple and short and enigmatic all at once.  It does come with a price, though: Internet Explorer will not accept cookies from

It works fine with any of the many subdomains, just not with itself.  The reason for this is that, technically, isn't a valid hostname.  The second level of a host name under a country-code top-level domain has to have at least three letters, and "mu" notably does not.  So IE looks at my cookies as some nasty attempt at XSS* or something and silently eats them.

Which means that if you're using IE, you can't log in.


  1. Use Firefox.  It's free, it's easy to download and install, and it's a better browser in every way.
  2. Use Opera or Safari.  These are both excellent browsers, but unfortunately neither one fully supports the editor used in Minx.  I have found an alternative editor that is supported on all four of the major browsers, and I'll be porting it to Minx soon, but for the moment Firefox is a better choice.
  3. I'll be setting up as an alternate domain for  Any subdomain hosted on Minx will also work if accessed under
  4. Hack your registry.  The last and least of your choices, but if you're (a) technically inclined, (b) have access to the registry editor on your PC (so you're not on a locked-down office system) and yet (c) are still using IE, this will work for you.  The registry change needed is described here and is typically bizarre; you need to edit a specific entry and add the relevent top-level domain backwards.  Yes, instead of ".nu", you need to add "un.".  (Unless you haven't run Windows Update in a looong time, though, you won't need the hotfix mentioned on that page.)
* Cross-site scripting.

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1 This is completely unacceptable.

Posted by: ceptimus at September 28, 2007 03:20 PM (gwL0k)

2 Damn script kiddies...they're at it all the time.

Posted by: Pyrrho at September 29, 2007 01:57 AM (XmYmh)

3 Those suffering under the IE7 regime: in c:\windows\ie7, run "spuninst.exe"

This will take you back to IE6 which, while still a big pile of crap, is less likely to give you an ulcer.

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